SchoolCare Tool Overview

School management software is a tool that is specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of schools and educational institutions. It consists of various modules that greatly help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, and other essential student information.

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The main objective of the School Management System is to manage the details of Schools, Students, Classes, Teachers, Registrations.The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the Schools, Students, Cources, Classes.

  • Managing User accounts (teacher, student, parent)
  • Managing classes, subjects
  • Managing class routine
  • Managing exam, grades
  • Managing students attendance
  • Sending exam marks via sms
  • Managing library, dormitory, transport
  • Managing accounting, income & expenses

  • Managing students
  • Managing exam marks
  • Provide study materials/files to students
  • Managing attendance

  • Get class routine
  • Get exam marks
  • Get attendance status
  • Get study materials / files from teacher
  • Get payment invoices, pay online
  • Communicate with teacher

  • Get children marks
  • Get children payment invoices
  • Get children class routine
  • Messaging with teachers


Multi-User Account System
Responsive User Interface
Student Fee Management
Parent Monitoring Feature
Homework Document
Class Routine Schedule
Profile System
Exam Marks Management
Chart & Graph Analysis of Exams
Library Management
Dormitory Management
Daily Attendance

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