Tezwall CRM

Tezwall CRM Tool Overview

CRM software is designed to manage customer data and relationships. It's a software type that focuses on the business's external activities. Project management software is dedicated to projects, or large business goals with clear start and end dates, deliverables, and budget restraints.

Online customers have a special set of expectations that set them apart from traditional customers. In particular, they expect lots of information about your company and your products to be available online with minimal searching, close to immediate service, opportunities for self-service via your website, speedy shipment of products, and after-sales support. Therefore, you need to consider CRM principles when doing business online.

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  • You know and recognize them.
  • You understand them.
  • You care about their needs, questions and concerns.
  • You want to deliver services and products they need the most.
  • Enhance marketing towards the most profitable customers to improve your bottom line.
  • Develop superior services and products that meet your customers’ identified needs
  • Improve efficiency by providing support and services to customers online
  • Anticipate future business needs based on data on historic sale and service trends.
  • Increase your customer base as you develop new ways to engage in business online.


Contact Management
Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management
Lead Management
Reports and Dashboards
Sales Analytics
Sales Forecasting
Email Client Integration
Workflow and Approvals
Sales Data
CRM Data/File Storage
Sales Performance Management
Chat Integration

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